These are the latest ten responses that were uploaded.
Government Agency Subject Type Date Received
Assam Assam Electricity Grid Corporation Limited Transferred Transfer 19-Sep-2020
Rajasthan Social Welfare Department Fulfilled Response 19-Sep-2020
Tamil Nadu Public Department, Tamil Nadu Transferred Transfer 19-Sep-2020
Goa Chief Secretary Transferred Transfer 19-Sep-2020
Telangana Commissioner of Labour Telangana State Response Response 19-Sep-2020
Karnataka Department Of Finance,Government of Karnataka Transferred Transfer 19-Sep-2020
Government of India Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Transferred Transfer 18-Sep-2020
Bihar Finance Department Response&Transferred Transfer 18-Sep-2020
Delhi Directorate of Vigilance, Delhi Response Response 18-Sep-2020
Telangana Revenue Department Government of Telangana Transferred Transfer 18-Sep-2020