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Regarding running covid testing center at nccs

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Government level: Government of India (India)
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
Savitribai Phule Pune University Campus, Ganeshkhind Road, Pune, MH 411007

Please share all communication from DBT ordering NCCS to run the covid testing center.

How much funds NCCS has already spent towards running covid testing center.

Under whose discretion in NCCS the funds were approved for covid testing.

The funds used for Covid testing came from which budget subhead or grant at NCCS.

Please provide detailed file notings for the approval of these funds.

 Please provide NCCS Director’s comments on the approval of these funds.

How much funds DBT provided for Covid testing.

 Please share communication from NCCS to DBT asking for funds for running covid testing center. Please provide DBT’s response on these requests.

How much funds were raised for covid testing from external sources.

What was the value of total loss of funds by NCCS for running Covid testing center.

Please provide a list of all NCCS staff of all those who participated in Covid testing along with their email ids. 

Were these staff forced to participate or they gave consent and participated voluntarily.

 If they participated voluntarily please provide consent letters from these staff. 

Please provide the names of staff who did not participate in this covid testing work and reasons of exemption granted by NCCS director to them.

A paper was published in the public domain from NCCS on Covid virus sequencing (Phylogenomic analysis of SARS-CoV-2 genomes from western India reveals unique linked mutations, As mentioned in this, the samples were taken from NCCS covid testing center. Were the samples used for sequencing used only after the covid testing center tested it and declared it to be positive? 

Please share notes of ethical clearance towards this work.

Please provide proofs of work done by each individual named as author in this paper.

Since the majority of staff from Covid testing center were not named as authors in this, please provide the name of all participants in the covid testing team whose names were not listed as authors in the paper.

Please provide minutes of the meetings based on which it was decided who all be the authors in the paper and who all from the covid testing team will not be authors.

Since NCCS is a public funded institute, Is NCCS an equal opportunity, non-discriminatory work place for all its staff? 

Was participation from all staff was allowed in meetings which decided on use of positive covid samples for sequencing and authorship discussions? Please provide list of participants and minutes of all the meetings related to running the covid testing center and decisions on writing and communicating the covid sequencing paper.

If the NCCS director was a common participant in all the meetings, please provide how NCCS dealt with conflict of interest issues between the Directors presence in all decision taking meetings and his name being added as an author in the paper.