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Use this step-by-step form to generate a RTI request. At the end of the process you'll have a chance to review the complete filing.

The first step is to give this a subject, a short summary of what you are asking about. It will be used as the Subject of the letter sent to a Public Information Officer.

Request Description

Describe in detail the information that you want. Try to ask for specific documents or reports. Mention the time period that you want to know about."


Select the recipient

Now browse, search or create government agencies and select a public information officer who can respond to your request. If you do not know which agency to send the request to or you cannot find it, click here first and select "Unknown" below.

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Review this request and make final edits

If you need to make a change, use the Previous button or click on the step above to go back to the relevant page.

This request is intended for



Finishing touches

For a private request you will be charged Rs.149 only.

Is this a private request? (A request which is not intended for public interest and contains your personal information)

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