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Consumer Cases Record and Filing Procedure

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Government level: Delhi (India)
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
A-Block First Floor, Vikas Bhavan I P Estate, New Delhi, DL 110002

1. What is the procedure for filing a complaint in the District Consumer Forum.

2. Where has the procedure for filing a complaint uploaded on the internet by the authority. Can a person file a complaint without an advocate.

3. What measures have been taken to encourage the filings of consumer court complaints to district forum by the common man

4. Please list the cases in the past month that have been filed by individuals without lawyer's guidance.

5. What is the fees for filing of a consumer complaint? What are the documents required.

6. How can we check the status of the filed case.

7. How do the proceedings happen? Does the person have to be available? What is the average turn around time for resolution of a complaint.

8. What is the penalty/punishment given to offenders? What compensation is offered to consumers on redressal of complaints.

9. Is there any publication by the authority to guide a common man to file a complaint with the procedure easily. If yes, please provide the .pdf copy.

10. Provide the list of consumer redressal forums at the district level in Delhi.