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Mla disqualified

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Government level: Government of India (India)
Agency/Ministry: Unknown
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1.If an MLA/MP got elected on one political party ticket and later on joins in another political party whether he/she will be disqualified or not.

2.If HE/SHE  is disqualified who is empowered to do disqualification.

3.What is the time limit for disqualification.

4.Please provide list of disqualified candidates right from enactment of act.   

1. Agar koi candidate election jeetain ho political party ke ticket par aur jeetnay ke baad dousrri political party main chala gaya tou wo disqualified hoga ya nahi 

2. Khanoonan kiya phir dobara election hoga ya nahi 

3. Koi khanoonan judgment iS ziman main hai faram ki jeye