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Requesting regarding water meter installed in houses in division 1 hasan nagar miralam filter. How many new connections given from 2015-till date.

Z282DIVZ Please keep this reference code. You will need it to check on the status of this request.
Government level: Government of India (India)
Agency/Ministry: Unknown
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Kindly give detail report on how many water meter installed in consumer houses in locality of hasan nagar miralam filter(HMWSSB- division1) give fully describe detail with muncipal house number, connection diameter of bore,contact numbers of consumers.

Kindly give report on new water connection issued in hasan nagar of miralam filter beds (HMWSSB - division1) from 2015 to till date with muncipal house number , CAN NUMBER , document submitted, diameter of bore, contact number of consumer, billing detail.

How many outsourcing workers are working in HMWSSB miralam filter beds division name give name ,designation,section currently working.

1.Provide the information regarding the number of water meters installed in consumer houses of hasan nagar miralam filter (HMWSSB division-1)