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Ministry of Finance GOI

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Government level: Delhi (India)
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
Mahalekha niyantrak bhawan , E block , G P O Complex, new delhi, DL 110023

1. Provide certified copies of all rules governing contribution towards (1) provident fund; and (2) pension fund (EPS 1995) during the period when salary of the employee is withheld due to "no work no pay".

2. Provide certified copies of all rules governing repayment of HBA, vehicle loan, etc by the employee when he is paid zero/NIL salary.

3. It is understood that courts have ordered payment of atleast 1/3 salary to the employee to discharge his/her loan liabilities.  Whether the same is implemented in letter and spirit by all ministries and PSUs.

4. In the event of no salary being paid to employee, from what source he can repay the outstanding loans.