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Appointment details of Shri. Aravind Kumar, JE/Works/CN/MS, Southern Railway.

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Government level: Government of India (India)
Agency/Ministry: Southern Railway
Addressed to: Public Information Officer

Kindly give the following details pertaining to Shri. Aravind Kumar, JE/Works/CN/MS, Southern Railway.

Shri. Aravind kumar is presently working as JE/Works/CN/MS.

Please provide the following documents.

1. His RRB seniority,

2. When he completed his initial training & whether he completed his training modules at first attempt,

3. Whether his final exam was postponed due to his incomplete training & date of final exam before absorption & his result with marks,

4. On what basis his seniority was placed after Shri. Arul Murugan & Smt. Vijaya Ratna Kumari B.

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