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Requesting for an Enquiry on Land Mafia and Money Laundering and Physical and Mental Harassment

XN3VKFPH Please keep this reference code. You will need it to check on the status of this request.
Government level: Government of India (India)
Addressed to: Public information Officer

Dear Team,

Good Day

I Hope you are doing good and healthy.

I am filing an RTI to setup an Enquiry with regards to the Illegal activities happening in Kalaburgi District Karnataka.

Below are the List of people who are involved in Land Mafia and Physical and Mental harassment to the Middle Class and below poverty Line Families.

1: Shabbir Hussain R/o Khari Bowli National Chowk Kalaburgi.

2: Syed Abid Faisal R/o Bank Colony Kalaburgi.

3: Aleem Inamdar R/o Near Ring Road Mannur Hospital Kalaburgi

4: Mirza Osman Baig : R/o Hussain garden MSK Mill Kalaburgi

5 : Sajid Kalyani R/o Madina Colony MSK Mill Kalaburgi

6 : Arun S murugandi Circle Of Police RG Nagar Kalaburgi

The Above listed people are illegally capturing the Original Plots stamp papers from the residents of Eidgah Layout Madina Colony and In the name of settle ment amount they are taking Lacs of rupees Illegally with the help of Arun s Murugandi Circle of police RG Nagar.

Apart from this they are doing physical harm as well to the residence of Eidgah Layout Madina colony.

They have done this to more than 100 Families and hundreds of people are living in verge of fear.

And Arun s Murugandi Circle of police RG Nagar has slapped 75 years old senior citizen Nisar Mulla thrice on the face and took the Land papers forcefully.

And Kept Azhar Patel r/o madina colony on call for 3 days illegally.

And Using Abusive Language with all of them.

And Arun s Murugandi is forcefully taking the Plot papers from the residence of Eidgah Layout.

I Request you to kindly take setup an Enquiry on this matter. You are the last hope for all these poor people.

And these group of people have Gifted 40 Lacs Car to Arun s Murugandi which is kept in belgaum.S

Below are the List of the Victims

1 : Nisar Mulla R/O MSK Mill

2 : Haji pasha R/O Madina Colony

3: Azhar patel R/O Madina Colony

4 Mubeen Limra R/O Madina Colony

5: Suleiman labour : R/o Madina Colony

And the List is Big once the Enquiry starts many other Victims will come forward.


With Best Regards Syed

Take Care Stay Safe Stay healthy