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Town and Planning

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Government level: Haryana (India)
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
HUDA Complex Sector 14, Gurgram , HR 122001


I would like to about the town planning of Barhana, Haryana.

1. Actually I have purchased an agricultural land (approximate 1200 sqr.yard). And I like to to construct a factory there for manufacturing.

I had been told that the land comes in NOC zone (rural NOC zone) & does not required any CLU for any type of work. I like to have full knowledge about that fact.

2. Secondly I had also been told that in that area you can construct 100% on your land. Is that so? Please let me know about that also.

3. Can a land owner in NOC zone apply for CLU or not??

I am attaching all the documents of the land which I have.

Please look into the matter & let me know all the true facts of the said land.


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