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Request for Comprehensive Information Regarding Medical Services Recruitment Board

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Government level: Tamil Nadu (India)
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
7th Floor DMS Buildings, 359 Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai, TN 600006

I am seeking detailed information on various aspects concerning the recruitment processes, vacancies, transparency, and actions of the Medical Services Recruitment Board (MSRB) in Tamil Nadu. I request information on the following:

1. Postgraduate Medical Students' Service Verification:

a. How does the MRB ensure fair and transparent verification procedures for postgraduate MD or MS students' service tenure during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in alignment with recent court judgments (W.P.No.25827 of 2023, W.P.No.25785 of 2023, and W.P.No.27568 of 2023).

b. How does the MRB ensure accurate and fair assessment of the duration if the postgraduate students were intermittently involved in COVID-19 duty as per the recent court directives.

2. General Recruitment Procedures and Vacancies:

a. How does the MRB ensure fair and transparent recruitment procedures.

b. Why does the MRB not want to fill close to 2000 posts of assistant surgeon general in 2023 (total vacancies close to 3000), planning to fill only 1021 posts which is the vacancy status in 2022.

c. Why can't the MRB exam conducted in 2023 be used to fill at least fifty percent of the existing vacancies of assistant surgeon general posts.

d. Why is the medical recruitment board not taking any initiative to fill all the vacancies of medical officers even after the exam is conducted.

e. Why does the recruitment board not want to fill the assistant surgeon general posts hereafter on a yearly basis similar to other recruitment boards.

f. How does the MRB plan to conduct choice filling or location preferences during counseling for the vacancies.

3. Specific Vacancy Queries and Plans:

a. Why are Greater Chennai Corporation vacancies not shown, and when are they scheduled to be filled.

b. What plans or strategies does the MRB have to address these unfilled vacancies to prevent potential adverse impacts on the healthcare system in Tamil Nadu.

4. Examination Processes, Staffing, and Transparency:

a. How has the MRB failed to conduct examinations regularly and release year-wise vacancy rosters akin to TNPSC.

b. Why aren't permanent staff employed in all sectors of the Health and Family Welfare Department, impacting healthcare delivery.

c. What measures are in place to ensure transparency in examination results and the career progression of medical officers selected through MRB exams.

d. What is the plan for recruiting permanent staff in all cadres and why does the recruitment board not want to revise the required permanent employees in each cadre, instead filled with temporary counterparts.

e. Why are all accountants filled by contract-based employees which would promote corruption in the healthcare system, which is overlooked by recruitment authorities.

5. Results Publication and Career Progression:

a. Why is transparency lacking regarding the special qualifying examination conducted for the permanent selection of medical officers?

b. How many special qualifying examinations have been conducted in the past 5 years.

c. What is the pass percentage of each special qualifying examination conducted by MRB for the past 5 years.

d. What happened to the medical officers who failed the special qualifying examination? What is their current job status.

e. When will the departmental exam for promotion to a higher cadre be conducted, and what are the rules for appearing in this exam for MRB-selected medical officers.

f. What are the dynamic career progression options available to MRB-selected medical officers (assistant surgeon general).

g. If not given, state the reasons.

h. If given, how many medical officers were benefited year to year basis for the past 5 years.

i. What opportunities are given to medical officers for promotion by merit-based examination like in the teacher recruitment board for direct promotion to District Educational Officer and other higher cadres? If no opportunities, why.

6. Direct Recruitment and Career Progression:

a. Why isn't there direct recruitment to the Deputy Director post, akin to the direct recruitment process for the City Health Officer post by TNPSC.

b. Could you provide information on promotion and career progression prospects for selected medical officers (Assistant Surgeon General).