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Details regarding KALESHWARAM Project

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Government level: Telangana (India)
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
1st Floor Jalasoudha BUilding, Earram Manzil, Hyderabad, TG 500082

1) Provide the information on number of pumps which have been installed and the locations where they have been installed.

2) Provide the information on capacity of each pump with manufacturers names, warranty and maintenance contracts. (Share the copies of maintenance contracts).

3) Information on number of pumps which are to be installed and the location where they will be installed.

4) Details of the quantity of water that has been pumped on each day (Please indicate the dates) so far from each location (from where to where). Please give the pumping details and electricity consumption.

5) Please give the details of total water lifted and total electricity consumption so far (please give the month wise tariff split up figures from the date of lifting the water)

6) Please provide the details of water that was pumped from Kaleshwaram(medigadda) to Yellampally and Yellampally to Mid Manair reservoir and to lower Mid Manair dams from july to October 2019. During this period due to inflow of Kadem reservoir how much water has been released from Yellampally.

7) Provide the details of current water storage in Mid Manair Dam as on 10th december 2019 and how much water is pumped from yellampally and how much water is pumped from SRSP.Is there any leakage to Mid Manair Dam and provide the details of remedial measures taken for arresting the leakage.

8) Provide the details of water used if any for irrigation and other purposes from Kaleshwaram Project.

9) Provide the details regarding current state of Mallanna Sagar

a) Earth work

b) Dam construction

c) Money spent so far

10) Please provide the details of money spent by the government of Telangana by its own financial sources i.e. budgetary allocation.

11) Please provide the details of borrowings made from each bank, repayment schedule for each year (Provide the details of repayment of installment of principal and interest separately) starting from 2020 to till the closure of the loan.

12) As per the reports available another Rs.25000 Cr are required to complete the Kaleshwaram project. Please provide the details regarding utilization of this amount for completion of the project.

13) Provide the information on likely specific benefits in terms of irrigation facilities by spending this additional Rs.25000 Cr.

14) With the spending of additional Rs.25000 Cr what will be the total cost of the project.

15) In the year 2017-2018 an amount of Rs.8298.11 Cr was reflected in BE but in the expenditure it was shown as Rs.14039.57 and again in the year 2018-19 an amount of Rs.6094.01 was reflected in BE but the expenditure was shown as Rs.18197.40 Cr please give a justification for increase of this expenditure.

16) Out of the total money spent so far on Kaleshwaram project, Provide the names of the contractors who received the money year wise.

17) Details of budget allocated for kaleshwaram project during FY 2019-20 and the amount spent so far in this FY. 

18) Provide the information on the estimated date of completion of this project in total entity. (Give the date of completion of the project with 200TMC pumped and delivered to the end user). 

19) Provide the details regarding of total  acres of land that wil be benifited after the completion of the project and also the number of farmers who will be benifited by the implementation of this project.

20) Since you want to raise another Rs.25000/ Cr is there any plan to raise funds from the public by issuing bonds. If yes , Provide the details.