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Disproportionate assets of a government employee.

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Government level: Government of India (India)
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My friend's father was a diploma engineer holder in civil engineering and was posted as a junior engineer in bihar government and now he is promoted to the executive engineer  in Building Construction Department Govt of Bihar.He always told me how he used to bribe seniors for promotion and transfer to home town patna. As far as we people know he is very rich. 4 flats and 2 plots in patna and flats at Noida but i think he has bought all this by his family members name. I want to know how much property he has by his name and by his family member's name? His name is Umesh Kumar Mandal, executive engineer, Building Construction Department, Government of Bihar. May be this may help me raise voice to the vigilence department.

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Dear Applicant, Your request is not in the ambit of RTI Act.If you have any evidence or proofs you have to approach Anti corruption bureau of your concerned state.