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Information about recruitment process since January 2020

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Government level: Gujarat (India)
Agency/Ministry: Rashtriya Raksha University
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
Post Lavad - Dahegam, Gandhi nagar, GJ 382305


The Public Information Officer, Raksha Shakti University/Rashtriya Raksha University, Post Village Lavad, Ta. Dehgam, Dist Gandhinagar, Gujarat. 

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Provide a certified copy of duly approved recruitment rules of the University based on which recruitment has been done since January 2020. Also mention date on which such rules are enforced by the competent authority. 

Provide the details of authority/ committee (name of members) by which the aforesaid rules are approved. In case these rules are approved by some officer, please give name, designation and provisions of Act which permits for such purpose.

Provide category wise number of posts of all cadres approved by Govt of Gujarat as on date (Both permanent and contractual).

Please provide list of all posts which are not sanctioned by Govt of Gujarat but appointment has been done by the University since January 2020. Also provide name and designation of persons appointed on all such posts.

Provide copy of rule which empowers University or any officer for making appointments without prior approval of BoG.

Provide details of selection committee (Name, Designation, Institute) appointed by the competent authority of the University for interview and selection of candidates for all post recruited since January 2020.

Provide detailed advertisement (Name of posts, number of posts, nature of appointment, minimum qualification, experience, salary etc ) of all appointments since January 2020.

Provide dates and modes (Newspaper or Website) of all recruitment advertisement published since January 2020. Also mention date of publication of all advertisement and date of interview for each recruitment since January 2020.

Provide monthly salary paid to all employees appointed in the University after January 2020 on regular or contract appointment with name and designation.

Provide list of employees appointed since January 2020 on teaching or research related post without selection process of selection committee as per UGC regulations 2018.

Provide list of employees appointed since January 2020 on all posts without selection process or selection committee as per respective RSU regulations 2012 or RSU Act 2009.

Provide name and designation of appointing authority by whom all appointments are made since January 2020.

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