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Regarding* information on lorry yard at Mannargudi Melapalam area

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Government level: Tamil Nadu (India)
Addressed to: Public information Officer

In melapalam area of the Mannargudi taluk , lorry yard is present where the thanjavur milk federation chilling plant was present earlier.

1.Please provide information on the type of let out on which the property was occupied for lorry parking (i.e Monthly rental bais or lease etc.)

2. Please provide information on the time duration of the agreement for parking of lorries in the said place (i.e for how many months rent or lease the property is let out and the date of expiry of agreement)

3.Please provide information on the rental value or the lease value.

4.Please provide information on rent or lease amount pending in due for the co-operative milk supplies department.

5.Please provide informtion softcopy of the agreement relavent to the above property was occupied as lorry parking yard.