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Information about use of Professor prefix without qualifications and appointment

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Government level: Gujarat (India)
Addressed to: Public information Officer
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Provide information about the rules/regulations of the university under which previous director Bimal Patel was allowed to use Professor as designation or prefix before his name. Also cite rule text. 

Provide the name of the competent authority or officer responsible to issue an order regarding award of Professorship to previous director Bimal Patel. Also cite rule applied for the same. 

Provide copies of all documents submitted by previous director Bimal Patel as a candidate for the post of Director (For first appointment and renewal). 

Provide date on which previous director Bimal Patel has informed to the university about completion of his PhD degree for the first time. 

Has UGC or BCI any other body ever intimated the university for change in the nomenclature and update/amend the rule about qualifications for the post of Director? If yes, please provide copy of the letter or communication. 

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