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Information about GNLU employees on deputation to other organizations

TPD4TTFH Please keep this reference code. You will need it to check on the status of this request.
Government level: Gujarat (India)
Addressed to: Public information Officer
Attalika Avenue,, Knowledge Corridor Koba, Gandhinagar, GJ 382426

Provide list of GNLU employees on deputation to other organizations with following details for each one of them separately. 

1. Name and designation at GNLU

2. Salary last drawn from GNLU

3. Name of organization where an employee has been sent on deputation with date of joining there

4. Copy of all applications or intimation by an employee to GNLU about advertisement, application, offer letter and other relevant documents in chronological order. 

5. Copy of all correspondence related to deputation process by GNLU to an employee  in chronological order.

6. Approval process in chronological order followed by GNLU for sending employee on deputation. 

7. Rule under which an employee was allowed to go on deputation along with the name and designation of the competent authority or body responsible for sanction the deputation. 

8. Tenure or date up to which the deputation was approved. Provide date of extension wherever applicable with a copy of letter for each. 

9. Provide workload and job profile of an employee at GNLU. Also provide details about alternative arrangements made by the university to cover the work of an employee sent on deputation.

10. Provide all relevant email, letter, correspondence, notings, recommendations, approval related to deputation of an employee in chronological order.