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Teaching Guidelines and Practices for Undergraduate Courses in Affiliated BAMS Medical Colleges

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Government level: Maharashtra (India)
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
Mhasrul Vani Dindori Road, Nashik, MH 422004

1. Please provide a copy of the rules, regulations, or guidelines that detail the qualifications or credentials required for individuals to conduct lectures for undergraduate students in BAMS medical colleges affiliated with the university.

2. Please provide any documented rules, regulations, or guidelines that stipulate whether postgraduate (PG) students are officially permitted or required to conduct lectures of undergraduate (UG) students.

3. Please provide the documented standard operating procedures or guidelines to be followed by these colleges when a regular teacher is absent or on leave.

4. Please provide any records that detail the measures or mechanisms employed by the university to monitor the adherence to the aforementioned guidelines or procedures by the affiliated colleges.

Should there be a variation in the rules and regulations applicable to government-run and private institutes, kindly provide comprehensive information for both.