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Information about wrong appointment and illegal deputation

T29CDY3H Please keep this reference code. You will need it to check on the status of this request.
Government level: Gujarat (India)
Addressed to: Public information Officer
Attalika Avenue,, Knowledge Corridor Koba, Gandhinagar, GJ 382426

Provide a copy of appointment order on the basis of which Mr. Sushil Goswami was appointed as Assistant professor in GNLU.

Provide a copy of rules, norms or policy under which Mr. Sushil Goswami has been allowed to go on deputation.

Provide date on which Sushil Goswami has made application for sending him on deputation.

Provide a copy of letter or application made by Sushil Goswami for allowing him to go on deputation.

Provide the name and designation of an official who has given approval to Sushil Goswami for deputation. Attach a copy of file/paper containing the note/memo/sanction.

Provide a copy of any letter issued by the University to Mr. Sushil Goswami or other University with regard to above approval of deputation.

Provide a copy of rule, norms, policy of GNLU for applying somewhere else through proper channel.

Provide the date on which Lien of Sushil Goswami is about to expire.

Provide maximum tenure of Lien available to Sushil Goswami under the rule of GNLU.

Provide the details of last basic and all other allowance paid to Sushil Goswami by GNLU.

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Dear Applicant,                           This comes under a private request. Please remit an amount of Rs.149/- and give your complete postal address with pin code and cell number.