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Lane discipline in Eastern Expressway

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Government level: Maharashtra (India)
Agency/Ministry: Mumbai Traffic Police
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
31 7 Sir Pochkhanawala Road Police Camp, Worli Sea Face Worli, Mumbai, MH 400030

Eastern expressway is a critical road in Mumbai which faces the risks of accidents because of unchecked bad driving-

1.Provide the number of traffic police personnel deputed at the eastern express highway.

2. Provide the number of  traffic challan's issued in the last one year on eastern express highway. 

3. Is any lane designated for the heavy vehicles on eastern express highway?

4. Is any lane designated for auto-rickshaws on the eastern express highway?

5. Is any lane designated for two wheeler s on eastern express highway ?

6. Provide the number of  challan's that have been issued for driving in wrong lane on eastern express highway.

7.Provide the information on the steps which are planned to improve lane discipline on eastern express highway.