Request Details

Please furnish the following details regarding this activity done by Jipmer Karaikal campus

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Government level: Delhi (India)
Addressed to: Central Public Information Officer
Directorate general of Health services, Room No 446-A Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi, DL 110011

In the second to third week of September 2023, mbbs students of the Jipmer Karaikal campus were made to go to houses in the remote coastal villages in the Karaikal district after 5 PM and ask questions to people and collect information. Dr. Preetam Mahajan of Jipmer Karaikal is supervising this activity. Students were told this is part of a Central government program named Mission Indradanush. 

1. Provide details about the sponsor/funder of this survey like Central government, State government, private or any political party.

2. Provide details about the Government of India's permission to do this activity by students in Karaikal.

3. Did the jipmer authorities like the Dean, Director, and hostel warden give necessary permission for this survey by students after 5 PM.

4. Students were made to travel to villages at night in their vehicles. Some students were taken in his car by the doctor mentioned above. Give a reason why students were not transported in government vehicles.

5. Provide the details of facilities provided to students like food, water, toilet and accommodation

6. Provide the reason why students were made to do this survey in the villages after college time (5- 8 PM)

7. Provide the details of safety measures undertaken by the government for the students, especially for female students taken to villages at night.

8. Provide details of the benefits like marks, attendance, or money given to the students by the Government for doing this activity

9. Will any action, like failing in the exam, be taken against students who refuse to participate in this activity.

10. How many students of the Jipmer Puducherry campus participated in this activity.