Request Details

Requesting information on International and domestic Air travel details of the officials

RTXTC36Z Please keep this reference code. You will need it to check on the status of this request.
Government level: Government of India (India)
Addressed to: K K Rajagopal Sc- F
Tumkur Road, Banglore, KA 560 022

Particulars of the information required

1. Details of international and domestic air travel tickets booked for Officers/delegates/board members/ committee members in connection with official duties from the past five years from the Date of receipt of this request. (In below-mentioned format, may please be tabulated)

Sl. No:

Date of Booking : 

Date of Journey :   

Booking Agency (Air India/Other):

Mode of booking (Online/Counter Ticket):

booking reference No.:

Ticket Number:

Designation of employee travelled:

Booked By(Name & Designation):

2. Complete contact details & address of the booking agency, if any hired/contracted to do so apart from the government authorized booking agents.