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INFORMATION REGARDING employees who have with drawn caste after joining your organisation. and also the criteria for filling vacancy of officer

RGQ2JF5F Please keep this reference code. You will need it to check on the status of this request.
Government level: Government of India (India)
Agency/Ministry: Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
Addressed to: Chief General Manager in Charge Human Resources Management Department
Central Office Building (21st Floor), Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg Fort, Mumbai, MH 400001

In relevance to the officers and employees who have allegedly declared themselves belonging to a reserved caste during their joining time and have later withdrawn their caste.

Please provide information on below points:

1. Please provide status update on discipline case and associated actions kept pending by middle management in Bhopal office against such employees who declared false caste and later reverted.

2. Please provide salary and perquisite details in tabular format paid to each such officer and employees by your organization from the period your organization came to know that they declared false caste certificate.

3. Please provide exhaustive selection criteria for filling vacancy of officer.