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Please Submit> First Appeal- Information regarding project internal marks of M.Tech 2017 admission batch students

QUDS5UYC Please keep this reference code. You will need it to check on the status of this request.
Government level: Kerala (India)
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
Parassinikadavu , Kannur, KL 670563


Kareem Ansari

Yugantar (6TF6IMEI)

3-4-142/6, Barkatpura

Hyderabad - 500027.








Reference:- RTI Reply No. 22/19-20/RTI/GCEK


On 18/10/2019, I received a letter from GCEK letter with reference No. 22/19-20/RTI/GCEK dated 14-10-2019 stating that Rs. 6/- has to be paid to obtain the information.

As per the instruction of concerned public Information officer, I am sending the first appeal before you with Indian postal order number xxxxxxx.

Kindly arrange the information as early as possible.

Yours Faithfully,

Kareem Ansari



PIO Response:

Hello Kareem Ansari sir,

The PIO has denied the information stating that it is of three pages and the fee for one page is two rupees.

The total fee for the copy is six rupees.

The PIO says that fees concerned can be remitted directly to this office. OR By the way of chalan into the treasury on head of account "0070-60-800-36" Receipts under Right to Information Act 2005. The original copy of chalan should be produced at this office-on the effective payment copies of the details will be obtained.

This clearly shows that PIO is reluctant to give information.

Even he is demanding some difficult to do ways of payment.

This is how the government engineering college of officials behave.

You can imagine the situation of students here.

I request you to reply appropriate reply and pay the demanded 6 rupees via Indian Postal Order (which no one can deny).

I also request you to reply addressing to Appellate Authority address mentioned in their reply.