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First Appeal:Information related to the valuable trees present in the institute premises & Disposal procedure

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Government level: Government of India (India)
Addressed to: The Director Appellate Authority


The Appellate Authority/ Director

Central Manufacturing Technology Institute

A Govt of India Society, Department of Heavy Industry. 

Tumkur Road, Bangalore-560022

We are unsatisfied with the Public information officer’s reply (ref: RTI/PIO-15/2018) to the RTI filed on Information related to the valuable trees present in the institute premises & Disposal procedure.

We kindly request you to provide further information on the aforementioned RTI.

1. Valuable trees present in the premises of any government organization/institute comes under the property of the organization/institute. However, in the reply, it was mentioned that no information available.

2. Requesting you to provide the details of the committee constituted for disposal of fallen and dead trees.

3. Regarding Point no. 3, 4 &5.

It was mentioned that sandalwood plant, but it was not a plant. It was having a height of 20 to 25 feet and 8 to 10 feet of trunk with more than 3-Inch diameter.

Generally, Air force compound would be having better security than any other non-strategic government organizations, Unknown persons coming from that compound and cutting a grill barrier protected sandalwood tree, that too right in front of main security office/reception of the institute which is also covered under CCTV surveillance seems to be unrealistic.

Revenue generated for the year 2016-17 was mentioned as Nil, but in the same year sandalwood tree was cut by unknown persons and CMTI removed the remaining tree from the roots.

How the complete tree was disposed of?

Requesting you to provide a copy of the report given by Shri. Manjunath of the forest department.