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Information about travel expenses

Q59XYVCW Please keep this reference code. You will need it to check on the status of this request.
Government level: Gujarat (India)
Agency/Ministry: Rashtriya Raksha University
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
Post Lavad - Dahegam, Gandhi nagar, GJ 382305

Please provide following details pertaining to the travel expenses of all officers/employees/staff born by the University since April 2019. Please provide these details trip wise for each person separately. 

1. Name of person with designation and nature of appointment (contract/permanent) 

2. Mode of journey - Air/Road/Office Car etc. 

3. Purpose of Travel (As mentioned in the approval noting or written order or email with date) 

4. Date of departure arrival time for each journey

5. Rule of the University under which such person is entitled for travel. 

6. Total Amount of the expense born by the university for each journey (Mention transportation, stay, food, lodging boarding etc. separately ) 

7. Name and designation of officer who has approved the expense.