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Asking Information about Hostels in IIIT Delhi

PYEFUCEM Please keep this reference code. You will need it to check on the status of this request.
Government level: Delhi (India)
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase III, Near Govind Puri Metro Station, New Delhi, DL 110020

The applicant seeks the following information from the institute about the hostel facility provided by the institution under RTI Act 2005

1. Provide the number of Rooms along with their type(Single/Double/Triple/Married/Quadruple) mentioned seprately for each hostel block (H1/H2/Old Boys/Old Boys Extension/Girls Hostel/Girls Hostel Extension/Sports Block)

2. Please also mention the total capacity of each type of room in each hostel  (Eg of format of information seeked  Old Boys Hostel - Single Rooms - 34 Total capacity - 34 Double room - 50 total capacity - 100 )

3. Provide the Number of Hostel rooms which are vacant in each hostel block as now

4. Provide the Official Distance criteria applied for boys and girls to give hostel rooms currently

5. Provide the Policy of allocating rooms to PhD and M.Tech students( Is same distance criteria applicable as B.Tech students or there is some difference for Delhi students).

6. Provide the Total No of students currently studying in institution along with gender classification ( B.Tech+M.Tech+Full time PhD).

7. Provide the Plans and action taken to solve problem of lack of hostel rooms according to given strength which is increasing.

8. Provide the Master plan of Phase 2 of the institution had a plan for building H3 in the area which currently has the cricket nets so what are the updates of that plan. 

9. Provide the Master plan also included a third faculty housing in vacant space beside the entrance from GB Pant side so what are the updates of that housing as currently faculty is facing shortage of housing in institution.

10. Provide the details of requests has been sent to BoG, LG, Delhi govt and what has been discussed recently to curb the issue.

11. Provide the expected timeframe of any action on the following issue.

12. Provide the Total seating capacity of canteen, first floor mess and second floor mess be mentioned separately (ie how many students can be seated in each dining area at a time)

13. Provide the details of monthly limit of coupons each mess is allowed to sell every month.

14. Provide The information seeked is crucial for us as parents of students from Delhi we are not satisfied with the current situation of hostels in the institution and institution is not taking steps to solve the problem.

15Please attach documents of any meeting or resolutions or orders which have been passed to solve the issue in past along with the reply.