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Academic performance of Dr. Ramandeep singh and the number of PhD students completed phd with him

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Government level: Government of India (India)
Addressed to: Public information Officer

Dear Public Information Officer,

I am writing to request information under the Right to Information Act regarding the academic performance of Dr. Ramandeep Singh and the details regarding the time taken to complete a Ph.D. for all former and current  Ph.D. students who have completed their doctoral studies under his guidance. I believe that this information is in the public interest and is essential for fostering transparency in educational institutions.

I kindly request the following information:

Academic Performance of Dr. Ramandeep Singh:

a. Please provide details of Dr. Ramandeep Singh's academic qualifications, including his degrees, specializations, and any academic honors received.

Ph.D. Students Supervised by Dr. Ramandeep Singh:

a. Provide a list of Ph.D. students who have completed their doctoral studies under the guidance of Dr. Ramandeep Singh.

b. For each Ph.D. student, specify the year of registration and the year of successful defense.

Duration of Ph.D. Studies:

a. For each Ph.D. student mentioned above, provide the number of years taken to complete the doctoral program, from registration to defense.

Gender-based Analysis:

a. Differentiate the data based on gender, indicating the number of male and female students who completed their Ph.D. studies under Dr. Ramandeep Singh's supervision.

b. Provide the average duration for male and female students separately, from registration to defense.

I look forward to your prompt response within the statutory time frame of 30 days, as stipulated by the Right to Information Act. Your cooperation in providing this information is crucial for promoting transparency and accountability in our educational institutions.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.