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Seeking Information About Astra 2023 from IIIT Delhi

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Government level: Delhi (India)
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase III, Near Govind Puri Metro Station, New Delhi, DL 110020

This is to seek information from Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi. I want to request all the information mentioned in this letter along with relevant documents as part of annexure in the reply to this RTI under RTI Act 2005 regarding Astra 2023, the sports fest of the college which was held from 24 March 2023 to 26 March 2023. 

The information seeked is as follows

1. Total money spent on the fest along with breakup of how much came from college side and how much came from sponsors side

2. Amount of money spent on each component in the form of a balance sheet along to be attached as annexure

3. All MOU/MOA/AOAs signed with concerned sponsors and donors along with amount to be attached in reply to this application along with giving their details

4. All miscellaneous sources of funds used in this fest

5. Details and agreement of the Mountain Dew Adventure park, cost paid, and rules and regulations under which the same was approved on public land of the institution. Please also tell about the duration for which the agreement took and is mountain dew paying anything to college beside the equipments.

6. Details and total cost incurred along with all bills for any temporary or permanent installations for the fest.

7. Details of expenditures done for participating members and their prize money which was given to them

8. Money spent of all in-kind payments/donations/gift hampers/prizes/decorations/stalls and the like along with their relevant bills or balance sheet

9. The mean by which prize money was given to the winners and is the prize money completely distributed or are there pending payments still. Records of same are requested.

9. Total cost and process of hiring and costs incurred for judges, coaches, and security personnel for overseeing various sports events along with their bills or documents.

10. Costs bared by the institute in providing equipment to the college sports teams (t-shirts, jerseys, sports equipments, etc.) along with details of who supplied these.

11. Record of all money taken from participating students, if any.

12. Details of registrations done from each institute ie the number of students along with number of registrations from IIIT Delhi.

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