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Allowances given to health care workers deployed at international airports for COVID screening duty

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Government level: Government of India (India)
Addressed to: Public information Officer

As it is well known that since January 2020, the Central Government had deputed doctors, nurses and other health care workers from the CHS pool for performig COVID 19 Screening at International Airports across the country. These duties were being carried out even during lock down and many health care providers had difficulty in reaching the airport as public transport were shut. In cities like Delhi, officers were attending airport duties from NCR regions as far as Gaziabad and no transportation facility was arranged from the government side.  Information is sought on the following topics:

1. How was the amount of Special Duty Allowance for the doctors, nurses and para medic staff on these duties calculated. As per documents available online, the rates were Rs.300/day for doctors, Rs.200/day for nurses and Rs.100/day for support staff. Does the Special Duty allowance cover expenditure for food? Does the special duty allowance cover the excess transportation cost bore by the officials in reaching the airport? Does the Special Duty allowance cover high risk allowance?

2. The same rates were fixed for Special Duty Allowance during Ebola screening in 2014. How does the inflation cost gets covered if same rates are given as per 2014 in 2020-2021. As per information from sources who worked during Ebola screening, the staff were also provided with food coupons but the same was not provided in 2020-21 and food was provided for a brief period of duties in some months of 2020.

3. Are the doctors, nurses and paramedic staff entitled for TA/ DA as per existing rules which state travelling allowance or reimbursement of transport charges occured if travel of more than 8km is undertaken for new place of posting (difference in distance travelled from residence to old place of posting and residence to new place of posting is more than 8km). If yes, to kindly release documents stating the same and if no, then reasons to deny TA/DA.