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Details Regarding Dr Ambedkar Cooprative self supporting housing society Sector 76 Mohali.

N7H3Q9NJ Please keep this reference code. You will need it to check on the status of this request.
Government level: Punjab (India)
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
17 Bays Building, Bridge Market 17D, Sector 17, Chandigarh, PB 160017

1. Kindly provide the copy of resolution along with signatures of members passed for conversion of dr. Ambedkar cooperative society to dr. Ambedkar self-supporting society

2. Kindly provide the list of members of the dr. Ambedkar self-supporting cooperative house building society ltd sector 76 mohali as per your records

3. Kindly provide last audited financial statements like P&L, Balance Sheet of the society.

4. Can a self-supporting society add new members without the permission of registrar of cooperative societies

5. What are the clauses and laid down procedure for conducting a special audit of self-supporting societies

6. Is self-supporting society is liable to submit audited balance sheet to RCS

7. As per the amendment in bye-laws of housing cooperatives mentioned in your letter no 375 dated 10.07.2019 the bye-law no 36(xxx) a to q says all societies having more than 50 dwelling units have to maintain a website and put all data on the website. How many societies have complied with this rule and what is the penalty for non-compliance.

8. Kindly provide a copy of the tender and work order provided to contractor M/s Gurdas Ram by Dr Ambedkar Cooperative society sec 76 Mohali.

9. Kindly provide the video of tendering process of Dr Ambedkar Cooperative society sec 76 Mohali

10. Kindly provide us with the name, mobile no. , address, dwelling unit owned by the board of directors/management committee of the Dr Ambedkar self-supporting Cooperative Housing Society Sec-76 Mohali

11. Can a person who does not own a dwelling unit in housing society be an office bearer/ secretary of the society as per the act/regulations.