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Request for information on Licensed Cultivators Act – 2011

M7AQX5BN Please keep this reference code. You will need it to check on the status of this request.
Government level: Uttarakhand (India)
Agency/Ministry: Chief Minister Office
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
New Building Uttaranchal Secretariat,, Fourth Subhash Road, Dehradun, UT 248001

1. Provide year-wise, village-wise information on how many applications for LEC cards were received, and the numbers of approved, rejected and pending applications.

2. Provide year-wise, Mandal-wise information on how many Gram Sabhas were conducted as per Rules 4(4) and 4(6) of the Licensed Cultivators Act – 2011.

3. Provide year-wise information about the awareness campaign by the government about applying for LEC cards, which is required as per Rule 4 of Act 18 of 2011. In how many villages were Notice in Form 1-A published and displayed as required by Rule 4(1)? In how many villages were the notice publicized by the beating of tom-tom in the village? Provide copies of such notices and posters, and details of expenditure incurred thereof.

4. How many applications of LEC card were distributed year-wise to each village as required in Rule 4(2)?

5. When did the government authorize the acceptance of application in electronic form at Mee Seva centres? Provide the relevant G.O. or other directions, instructions and guidelines issued for this purpose.

6. After the initiation of electronic LEC application at Mee Seva centres, did the government instructions indicate that paper applications for LEC cards should not be accepted? If so, provide a copy of such instructions. If paper applications were still allowed, then provide Mandal-wise data of how many paper applications were made available at the village level, and how many paper applications were accepted by designated Revenue officers as per Rule 4(4).

7. Provide a list of all complaints about non-availability or non-functionality of online LEC application, received from farmers, farmer organizations, Mee Seva operators, District officials, Division officials or Mandal officials. Provide details of when complaints were received and when the complaints were resolved.

8. Starting from the month when instructions were issued for electronic LEC applications, provide month-wise, Mandal-wise data on how many LEC applications were received through Mee Seva centres.