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Requesting Information(RTI Act,2005) of gender sensitization training of Bangaluru Police

JMHASWDK Please keep this reference code. You will need it to check on the status of this request.
Government level: Karnataka (India)
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
1 Nrupatunga street, Ambedkar Veedhi, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru, KA 560001

Pursuant to the Right to Information Atc,2005 we seek the following information;

What do you define as a gender-sensitive case?

Is there an established protocol to be followed for a gender-sensitive case? If yes, please attach the required document.

A)If yes, How does this department ensure that the established protocol is followed?

B)If no, does this department intend to establish such a protocol in the near future?

Why did this department establish this protocol?

How did this department establish this protocol? Was feedback from different stakeholders taken into consideration?

Were different suggestions/feedback taken into consideration and incorporated into this protocol? If yes, please attach the relevant document.

Has establishing this protocol made a difference in how the police personnel within this department manage gender-sensitive cases? If yes, please attach the required document or refer to examples.

How does this department deal with resistance that they may face in following this protocol by the concerned police personnel?

Has establishing this protocol lessened gender stereotypes among police personnel? If yes, please attach the evidence to support this evaluation.

What initiatives/training is currently instituted to battle gender stereotypes among the police fraternity that is employed by this department as well?

Is this training conducted by professionals? If yes, please mention the organization and concerned people. If not, then how are these training conducted and by whom?

Is there a toolkit or a concept note of these training sessions? If yes, please attach the required documents.

Please indicate the relevant sources of information or people who made contributions to the toolkit.

Has your department followed the established gender sensitization protocol before? If yes, please mention in detail what changes or benefits were noticed while following this protocol.

Is following the above-mentioned protocol a priority for this department?

If the above protocol is not followed, is there a follow-up inquiry to uncover the reasons as to why it wasn't?

If there is no such protocol, do the police personnel working within this department believe that this protocol should be established?

Are the police personnel working within this station aware of what gender sensitization is?

Does your department go through regular gender-sensitive training? If not, does this department intend to begin this training soon?

How does this department ensure that police personnel working in this department complete their gender sensitivity training?

Is there an assessment to be completed after taking this training? If not, how does this department ensure that a police officer is fit to address/investigate a gender-sensitive case?

How does this department address the resistance that it may face to gender-sensitive training by police personnel?

Please mention the names of the police personnel that are actively involved in promoting gender sensitivity within this department.