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Information about recruitments

JHRN4I99 Please keep this reference code. You will need it to check on the status of this request.
Government level: Gujarat (India)
Agency/Ministry: Rashtriya Raksha University
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
Post Lavad - Dahegam, Gandhi nagar, GJ 382305

A. Please give list of employees appointed on contract or deputation since 1 February 2020 to till date.

Sr. No.     I       Name of employee         I        Name of post

B. Also give following details for all of them as below. (Separately for each employee recruited after 1 February 2020)

1. Full name of employee

2. Employment advertisement number and date of announcement

3. Mode of advertisement (website/newspaper) with date and page number etc.

5. Officer who has sanctioned the recruitment advertisement

6. Rule under which the advertisement was published for the recruitment

7. Date of receipt of application or CV/Resume of employee by the University

8. List of documents submitted by the employee to the University

9. Name of highest degree possessed by the employee

10. Name of post as per the advertisement

11. Experience in years for which the employee has submitted evidence / experience certificate

12. Last salay as mentioned by the employee

13. Age of the employee as on the date of joining this university

14. Whether the employee is retired employee of Government/Semi goverment organization? : Yes / No

If yes, please provide (i) name of organization/department/office (ii) amount of pension declared (iii) amount of salary after deduction of pension paid by the university

15. Give date of interview with name and designation of interview panel members who took interview and recommended name for the appointment

16. Salay, allowance and all other benefit as per approved Recruitment Rules of the university.

17. Salay, allowance and all other benefit as mentioned in the appointment order

18. Salay, allowance and all other benefit as per last month's salay payment

19. Name of the officer who has issued appointment order

20. Give rule under which the officer is empowered to make appointment and issue appointment order

21. Give name of reporting officer of the employee

22. Give tenure of appointment (from-to) as per appointment order

23. Give details of job profile of the employee

24. Whether the employee is possessing any educational qualification from Gujarat national law university? If yes, mention name of degree.

25. Wheather the employee was previously working in Gujarat national law university? If yes, give name of post held there with last salay.