Request Details

Regarding damaged road

IM2B9IB7 Please keep this reference code. You will need it to check on the status of this request.
Government level: Telangana (India)
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
CC Complex Tank Bund Road, Lower Tank Bund Hyderabad, Hyderabad, TG 500063

Dear Officer,

I have lodged complaint online with GHMC on 1st June 2018 (Complaint ID:10618105809) regarding damaged road opposite Apollo Pharmacy, near HDFC bank, High tension line road, Miyapur. GHMC officials called me that it was due to the water pipeline laid by HMW, they have to do it. Then I spoke to the HMW official, they gave me some technical specification of the pipeline and advised me that it is GMHC duty to repair the road. The officials seem to be passing the buck on the issue, however i kindly request you to look into the complaint and do the needful to resolve the problem.

1. With reference to the complaint (COMPLAINT ID:10618105809) registered on the GHMC online complaints cells, provide the information on the reasons for not resolving the complaint yet.

2. Provide the details on the standard time by law to resolve a complaint received on the GHMC portal. 

3. Provide the contact details of the officials responsible for resolving the above issue.

4. Provide the details of the person to be contacted in case the issue is not resolved.