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Finances related to maintenance of roads on the Doddakannelli - Kadubeesanahalli stretch

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Government level: Karnataka (India)
Addressed to: Additional Commissioner RTI Section
Head office Hudsun circle, NR Square, Bengaluru, KA 560002

I would like to know the following details on the condition of roads on the Doddakannelli - Kadubeesanahalli stretch:

1. Provide the details of  money allocated to maintenance of the roads on the above stretch for each of the financial years from FY 14 - FY 19.

2. Did BBMP receive any monetary reimbursement from BWSSB for restoration of roads after it was dug up for laying of Cauvery water pipelines ? If yes, how much was received in FY18-19.

3. What is the expected outlay on the roads for the currnt financial year FY19-FY 20. 

4. whether road maintenance standards will be adhered to when relaying of roads is done for any part of the road on this particular stretch. Provide the details of standards maintained.