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Last 5 years data on number of Accidents, deaths and severe injuries caused due to TSRTC Buses

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Government level: Telangana (India)
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station Complex, Imlibun, Hyderabad, TG 500095

1. I would like to get the data with regards to accidents caused due to TSRTC Buses or where the accidents involved TSRTC buses as one of the partly in the last 5 years. The format can be as below:

2. Provide the Yearly data should include, Total No of Accidents caused, or which involved TSRTC Buses, Total No of Deaths, Total No of Severe Injuries caused due to the accidents for two wheelers/4 wheelers, Number of victims whose limbs are amputated due to these accidents or who are bedridden because of these accidents.