Request Details

Request for information under Section-6(1) of RTI Act.

F6EK7CV9 Please keep this reference code. You will need it to check on the status of this request.
Government level: Telangana (India)
Addressed to: Public Information Officer

Please supply me the following information with respect to First Information Report detailed below:

Details of FIR:

FIR Number : 144/2023

Name of Complainant : K. Sai Swapnika

Police station: Adibatla Police Station


Particulars of Information sought:

[1] Certified copy of the FIR as detailed above.

[2] Certified copy of the periodical progress report on investigation in respect of above FIR.

[3] Please inform me the Name, Designation, Badge Number, Office Address and Phone No of the Investigating Officer(s) entrusted with the investigation of the case with respect to above FIR.

[4] Certified copy of the reasons for arrest of the accused and documents supporting the reasons that were drawn by the investigating officer.

[5] Certified copy of the investigation report as prepared by the Investigating officer in respect of above FIR.

[6] Please supply me the certified copy of record and/or statements of accused and/or witnesses recorded during the course of investigation, based on which the report and findings were drawn by the investigating officer.

[7] Please supply me certified copy of all the documents, audio, videos and any other based on which the findings of investigation was drawn by the Investigating Official.

Notes added by Admin on careful examination of your request

Dear Applicant, This comes under a private request. Please remit an amount of Rs.149/- and provide your complete postal address with pincode and cell number.