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Details of covid 19 cases in goa

EXQPQ2IS Please keep this reference code. You will need it to check on the status of this request.
Government level: Goa (India)
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
Panaji, Panaji, GA 403001

Dear Sir,

Request you to furnish the following detailed information regarding the Covid 19 positive cases in the

state of Goa.

(i) Municipality / Panchayat wise number of Covid 19 positive cases in the State of Goa. The following information may be provided in a tabular format

Name of Municipality/ Panchayat        Total number of Covid 19 cases    Number of cases recovered       Number of active cases    Number of Covid 19 deaths

Example A

Example B

And so on…


The name of Municipality/ Panchayat may be based on the place of residence of such Covid

19 infected patients

(ii) The above information may be furnished as per the latest available data and data as on date

may be specified in your reply.

Thanking you