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Discrimination in IARI fellowship and diverting of SC, ST sub plan and other specific funds to fello

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Government level: Government of India (India)
Agency/Ministry: Unknown
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Respected sir

Kindly provide following details under RTI act-2005

1. From which account or sources Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi providing fellowship to PhD& MSc students which other then ICAR SRF 

2. What is the priority of paying fellowship st, sc, obc and un reserved students as per government of India policy

3. What is the reason for not paying ST students even after paying to un reserved students 

4. Why not paying to sc sts from same account or head or sources of found for which your paying for un reserved and obc students

5. On what basis IARI diverting funds from sc st sub plan and other specific benifit scheme funds to fellowship of sc sts inside of paying from same funds where paying for other students

6.what are the provisions or guidelines following for diverting of funds. 

7. How IARI compensating the that particular said purpose or scheme after diverting funds for other than said purpose

8.Is any rules or guidelines is there to not to pay sc, st students fellowship from same funds which using for other students is they are untouchable for that funds

Waiting for your positive and accurate response

Thanking you in principle