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Clarification regarding Non Acceptance of Aadhar Based CCF form

ENF35H8F Please keep this reference code. You will need it to check on the status of this request.
Government level: Government of India (India)
Addressed to: Central Public Information Officer
Bhavishya Nidhi Bhavan, 14 Bhaikaji Came Palace, New Delhi, DL 110066

As per Circular of EPFO, Labour & Employment Ministrty, Aadhar based CCF forms were introduced for the employees whose kyc are updated & approved by employer, which is also mentioned on the instruction page of Aadhar based CCF Form.

But now for the last  two months aadhar based forms are not being accepted by EPFO, Regional Office, Goa without any notification or any order.

 Aadhar based forms are being accepted at all other EPFO offices in India.On enquiring with officials of EPFO, Regional Office, Goa they are just informing that they have got oral instructions from their Head Office & Ministry.They are not able to produce any order or circular.

So i would like to know whether EPFO , Regional Office, Goa is having its own rules & regulations independent from its Head Office or its Ministry.

How the other EPFO offices are accepting the Aadhar based form.

Is oral instructions from Head Office or Ministry has only been given to EPFO, Regional Office Goa.

Why the Aadhar based CCF forms are not being accepted for those employees whose KYC are updated & approved by employer.

As most of the employees are poor & illiterate labours , they are unable to apply online & even dont know to operate Computer or Android Mobiles. How can they be forced to go online? Organisation should not force its subscribers to go for compulsorily online.The way of withdrawl should be left on employees as per their conveince & suitabilty. Organisation can force for getting KYC updated & Aadhar linked with their EPF aacounts for their safety & security. But forcing the poor illetrate labour class employees to go online is not fair.

Even the banks never force for going online, they have kept all options for their subsribers.

Labour & Epmloyment Ministry & EPFO Head Office must take necessary action over this issue on behalf of the poor illetrate labours.