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Donation received in name of Titili cyclone relief

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Government level: Andhra Pradesh (India)
Agency/Ministry: Chief Minister Office
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
Andhra Pradesh Secretariat, Velagapudi, Guntur, AP 522503

1.Provide the information and details on the funds exclusively received for Titli Cyclone relief activities from various celebrities, organizations and general public since 12th october 2018 till date.

2.Provide the details of the estimated loss in the agriculture, power and infrastructure industries caused due to title cyclone in srikakulam district.

3. Provide the detailed list and official documents of expenditure of the AP CM relief fund for the relief measures undertaken by the government in srikakulam district.

4.Provide the information on if any fund has been received from the central government for titli cyclone relief measures in Andhra Pradesh's srikakulam district.

5. Provide the detailed information and official documents or file copies of the total Funds exclusively donated for TItli Cyclone relief  measures and official documents of expenditure of the funds.