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Delinking of Aadhaar from Mobile number

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Government level: Government of India (India)
Agency/Ministry: Ministry of Communications
Addressed to: The Public Information Officer
Department of Telecommunications, Sanchar Bhawan 20 Ashoka Road, New Delhi, DL 110001

After the orders of Hon'ble Supreme Court, delinking of Aadhaar data of biometrics in KYC of various mobile subscribers was waranted. The mobile subscribers are not ready to "delink" the aadhaar data by giving an excuse that "there is no process for delinking Aadhaar data". While the Ministry of Telecommunications had instructed all mobile subscriber companies to come up with a process for delinking of aadhaar data, what might be the status on that. Are there regulations (what) for compelling the subscriber companies to delink aadhaar data of its customers? If thy refuse citing unavailability of procedures, which regulations are deemed to be violated? Has the UIDAI stopped providing biometric authentication requests to such mobile subscriber companies.