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Action taken against unauthorized encroachments in Sector-6,7 and 12, Kharghar

D3S8242C Please keep this reference code. You will need it to check on the status of this request.
Government level: Maharashtra (India)
Agency/Ministry: Panvel Municipal Corporation
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
Owe Village Sector 30, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, MH 410210

The period to which the information relates: From 1.1.2018 till date.

All the information pertains to Sector-6, Sector-7, and Sector-12 of Kharghar Node, Navi Mumbai

Description of the information required : (Kindly provide certified and / or authenticated copies of the following information.)

a)Copy of all the action taken of removal of illegal encroachers, illegal structure, occupation of footpath with area details.

b)Copy of all penal action taken against the illegal encroachers,

c)Copies of monetary fines levied upon the illegal encroachers.

d)Copy of all complaints filed at the local Police Station against illegal encroachers as required under Section 516 AAA of BMC Act, 1888.

e)Copy of all FIRs filed against all illegal encroachers.

f)All other information available on the above subject matter of information.