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Charging of fees

C2KEIYJE Please keep this reference code. You will need it to check on the status of this request.
Government level: Gujarat (India)
Agency/Ministry: Rashtriya Raksha University
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
Post Lavad - Dahegam, Gandhi nagar, GJ 382305

Provide following information with respect to Charging of  fees (all types of fees) by your university. 

1. Annual or Semester fees prescribed by the university for each program (current year and past five years data) 

2. Date on which the fee structure of each program approved by the highest body BoG/GB/EC.

3. Date and number of official Notification issued by the university for all above cases. 

4. Minutes of meeting for each cases where program fees was increased.

5. Rational, justification, bases on which such fees hike was proposed and approved for all respective program. 

6. Details of fees hike (program wise) without approval of the highest body of the university and name of officer executed the said hike. 

7. Policy or procedure followed by the university in last five years for fee revision.