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Benefits of Study tours done by MLAs and MPs

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Government level: Government of India (India)
Addressed to: A K Jha

MPs conduct "study tours" to their constituencies, to other states and even to other countries. The objective on these is to give exposure to parliamentarians of experiences in different regions with an aim to learn and apply this learning in their constituencies.

Particulars of information required:

1. a) List of all study tours conducted by all MPs since 1 January 2014, including MP's name,  parliamentary/constituency name, dates of study tour, and destination(s).

b) A detailed breakdown of expenses, 

c) Names/designations of all others who accompanied the MP on the tour and whether they traveled at the government's expense or whether they paid for their own travel and accommodations.

2. Please provide copies of any reports prepared or submitted by the MPs or their staff of what was learnt and observed on these tours.