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Aadhaar Withdrawal of Consent

BFFJXJ2C Please keep this reference code. You will need it to check on the status of this request.
Government level: Government of India (India)
Addressed to: Public information Officer


This is with reference to voluntary acquisition of Aadhaar number from UIDAI. The following information under RTI Act, 2005 is sought:

1. Aadhaar enrolment being an entirely voluntary exercise, please provide the details of procedure to be followed for voluntary initiation of request for deregistration/cancellation/annulment/withdrawal of Aadhaar number by an individual, deletion of his/her biometric records, and withdrawal of consent for storage/use of biometric details for any purposes. If no such procedure exists, detailed reasons thereof may please be provided.

2. Please provide the duration within which such request, if any, will be processed by the UIDAI from the date of initiation of request.

3. Please provide information about any public awareness drive/advertisement/promotional campaign undertaken by UIDAI or any other government entity regarding the procedure relating to voluntary deregistration/cancellation/annulment/withdrawal of consent with regard to Aadhaar number.