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staying away(out stations) in the covid 19 situations

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In some govt departments there is a rule that the employee should not stay outstation (the employee should not daily come and go outstation daily). I wish to know about such rule in the judicial department in Rajasthan.

1) What is such rule for the judicial department in Rajasthan. 

2) Who is allowed to come and go outstations daily and who is not?

3) In which radius (might be 5 kilometers or 10 kilometers) employees are required to stay?

4)  Is this rule different for employees who has to carry some keys (of lockers) etc?

5) Which employee is required to take station leave ( approval for leaving duty / home towns) even on sundays?

6) How the judicial department in Rajasthan keep track / record of employees defaulting for such rules?

7) What penalty is proposed if the employee do not follow such rules?

8) Is there any additional penalty for employees in the present corona/covid 19 times because such behavior can cause spread of the disease covid 19?

9) Some departments have allowed their offices to maintain 50 percent attendance in the covid 19 spreading times? What is such rule in judicial department of Rajasthan?

10) How the department is maintaining records if the employee is on such mandated 50% attendance leave or any other CL/PL etc.

11) How is the department  maintaining records if the attendance is even below 50% due to covid 19 

12) How is the department maintaining records if only the outstation employees are keeping on leave and local staying employees(who are the followers of the govt rules) are compulsory have to come to office all the times because the department has to maintain 50 percent attendance