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Pedestrian Crossing from IG Stadium Bus Stop (Feroz Shah Kotla Dargah side) to IG Stadium bus stop(Stadium side) and return.

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Government level: Government of India (India)
Addressed to: Anil Prakash

1. Can there be a Foot over bridge for pedestrians over Ring Road in Delhi?

2. What does the masterplan of Delhi state about Pedestrian Crossings across the roads specially Ring Road.

3. What are the criteria used to decide the location of a foot over bridge in Delhi/New Delhi over a road? Please enumerate the various factors considered?

4. Which officer/committee/authority is responsible for the decision to construct a foot over bridge for pedestrians in New Delhi/Delhi?

5. How much is the feasibility of a Foot over bridge on the ring road in front of School of Planning and Architecture, Architecture block to connect pedestrians to the other side of the ring road towards IG Indoor Stadium?

6. Is there any study conducted on the number of people who cross the road to reach the bus stop from the Dargah (in Acharya Narendra Dev Park, near Feroz Shah Kotla Ruins) to the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium Side?

7. How many pedestrians have met with accidents while crossing the road from IG Indoor stadium bus stop on both sides( Side 1: Feroz Shah Kotla Dargah Side and Side 2: IG Stadium side)

8. What is the provision for a pedestrian to cross the road from the IG Indoor Stadium Bus Stop ( Feroz Shah Kotla Dargah side) to the IG Stadium and back?