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Airoli Traffic improvement

62KFD22Q Please keep this reference code. You will need it to check on the status of this request.
Government level: Maharashtra (India)
Agency/Ministry: Mumbai Traffic Police
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
31 7 Sir Pochkhanawala Road Police Camp, Worli Sea Face Worli, Mumbai, MH 400030

Mulund-Airoli road forms a major link between Navi mumbai and Mumbai. The stretch of a few kilometers however has multiple traffic lights and bottlenecks.

1. Provide the details of criteria which are used to identify need of a footover bridge in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai.

2. Which authority in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai is responsible for identifying locations for new foot over bridges.

3. There is no foot-over bridge but a traffic signal for vehicles to allow pedastrians at Airoli - Mulund road near Ambedkar Bhawan, this can be easily removed by providing a foot over bridge. Because of what constraint is a foot-over bridge for pedastrians not provided here.

4. Details of  traffic police personnel who are on duty at Airoli circle on Mulund-Airoli Highway.

5. What steps are planned to improve the traffic situation at Airoli circle on Mulund-Airoli Highway. 

6. What steps are planned to improve the traffic bottle neck at the intersection of Mulund Airoli road and Thane belapur road on both sides.